Ruby UML Diagrammer is a tool that leverages the RDoc to generate diagrams from a list of ruby files. One of the key features of the diagrammer is that you specify which files you want to look at, and rumld will generate a diagram for only those files.

A Diagram of some Rails files

Rails Project Diagram


  1. sudo gem install rumld --include-dependencies
  2. cd path/to/project
  3. rumld

$ rumld --help
Usage: rumld [options]

    -d, --doc_dir ./ruml_doc         Directory to generate rumld's
                                     working RDoc
    -o, --outfile           Output file
    -s, --source_dirs lib,app/models Directories for files
    -f, --files file1[,fileN]        Files to graph
                                     defaults to *.rb


Wouldn't that be nice.